Los Alamos Public Schools Strategic Analysis Prepared By Consultant Is Available On LAPS Website


The Los Alamos Reporter learned today that the Los Alamos Public Schools Strategic Analysis that was prepared by Mindsteps, an educational consulting firm that partners with schools, school districts and non-profit organizations, is published on the LAPS website at


The analysis introduction reads as follows:

This strategic analysis provides an overview of the district’s “bright spots” on which the district can build, as well as challenges that pose a threat to the district’s current success. The purpose of this analysis is to provide a starting point for the strategic-planning process by helping the district gain a better understanding of its current position, assess its future prospects, and develop a roadmap for achieving its goals and objectives. By working from the shared platform of information in this report, district leaders and the Strategic Planning Committee will be able to make informed decisions and take actions that will ensure that the district achieves its vision in a way that aligns with its mission and core values. 

To that end, the scope of this report will be limited to those elements that directly impact the district’s vision that 100% of LAPS Students will meet or exceed grade level expectations in three key areas — Academic Excellence, Social-Emotional Well-Being, and Civic Responsibility.”