‘The Gospel Of Mark’ With Jeff Favorite Returns To Trinity On The Hill Episcopal Church For Three Performances

Jeff Favorite in his one-man storytelling of the Gospel of Mark. Photo by T.K. Thompson


After a six-year hiatus, Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church is bringing back Jeff Favorite’s one-man storytelling of the Gospel of Mark.

The performances will be Sunday, Oct. 22, at 4 p.m.; Friday, Nov. 3, at 7 p.m.; and Saturday, Nov. 4, at 7 p.m. The doors open for refreshments and coffee 30 minutes before the performance time. Performances will take place at Trinity on the Hill, 3900 Trinity Drive in Los Alamos.

In this performance, Favorite recites the Gospel of Mark verbatim from the New International Version® (NIV®; 2011 version) of the Holy Bible. In costume, Favorite dramatically “plays” the different characters, giving each a voice and personality. A beautifully painted backdrop helps set the scene (inside a stone building with a window overlooking the Sea of Galilee) and provides a map that Favorite uses to point out Jesus’ travels. The performance has been described as beautiful, moving, humorous, and interesting.

Mark is generally considered the earliest gospel—that is, of all the stories about and sayings of Jesus that were circulating among the Christians a couple of decades after his death, Mark was the first to collect them into a single, unique, carefully structured “book.” In this gospel, Jesus is constantly traveling, preaching, and healing. Crowds follow him everywhere. His humanity is apparent in his frustration with his disciples, even as he reminds them of his role as the “Son of Man” and that bad things will happen to him when they arrive in Jerusalem for the Passover. Mark is the shortest gospel and the most action-packed.

Since the premier of this production in March 2013 at Trinity on the Hill, Favorite has performed in Albuquerque, Belen, Dixon, Espanola and Las Cruces; North Adams, Mass.; Copperas Cove, Texas; and Kirkland, Wash.

Children are welcome and encouraged to attend and sit in the front row!

Tickets are not required. Donations will be gratefully accepted.