Discuss LANL’s Crossroads Supercomputer On Oct. 16 During The ‘Periodic Table’ At Project Y Cowork

Crews install components of LANL’s supercomputer, Crossroads. Photo Courtesy LANL

Jim Lujan is the Projects Program for the High Performance Computing Platforms at LANL. Photo courtesy LANL


Join high-performance computing scientist Jim Lujan for a sneak peek at the Lab’s newest supercomputer, Crossroads. Modern experiments generate very large datasets that must be compared with simulation predictions for scientists and engineers to make informed decisions. To analyze this hefty information, the Lab needs world-class computational models, platforms and visualization capabilities. Installed this summer, Crossroads will be the Lab’s fastest and most efficient supercomputer ever. Lujan will explain how it works and the potential impact Crossroads will have on a broad array of science.

The Periodic Table is the Bradbury Science Museum’s casual, ask-me-anything program held at projectY cowork. Gather with other science enthusiasts and talk with a special guest Labbie about their unique work. The Periodic Table is always free.

Monday, Oct. 16

5:30-7 p.m.

projectY cowork, 150 Central Park Square, Los Alamos, NM

About the speaker: Jim Lujan is a projects program director for High Performance Computing Platforms at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Currently, he is the project director of the Trinity and Crossroads projects. He is a graduate of Colorado State University and a certified PMP from the Project Management Institute