SALA Calls On Community To Sign Petition In Support Of LEDA Application


SALA is on a mission to transform a former movie theater into a dynamic, vibrant community space in Los Alamos, and we need your support. As we progress towards our vision, we’re calling upon our community to rally behind our Phase 2 initiative.

By supporting our vision, you’re not just endorsing an upgrade to SALA’s facilities. You’re advocating for a sustainable future and a richer experience for every member of our community. The 2022 National Community Survey highlighted that 73% of our residents see “enhancing support and opportunities for the local business environment” as a pivotal goal. This underscores the importance of vibrant commercial spaces that invigorate community growth.

Our detailed information hub, available at, showcases how SALA’s endeavors align with Los Alamos County’s strategic visions. We are committed to ensuring that our community thrives, culturally and economically.

This June, SALA made a crucial move by submitting a LEDA (Local Economic Development Act) application to Los Alamos County, with a grant request of $450,000 to bolster Phase 2 improvements. This step symbolizes our dedication to fostering community-driven economic growth. Spearheaded by a long-standing Los Alamos resident, SALA’s endeavors are rooted in a commitment to community development that’s socially responsible.

However, to propel our vision into reality, the collective voice of our community is essential.

Lend your voice to the cause! Sign our petition to encourage Los Alamos County to approve SALA’s LEDA application for the critical funding needed:

Every signature makes a difference. It reaffirms our community’s belief in the power of local businesses, cultural resurgence, and a dynamic Los Alamos.