Christine Bernstein Is The Right Choice To Lead Us Forward

White Rock

I am writing this letter to express my wholehearted endorsement and support for Christine Bernstein, who is running for reelection to the LAPS School Board Aspen district. As a concerned stakeholder invested in the future of our educational community, Bernstein is the right choice to lead us forward.

I have closely observed Bernstein’s character and commitment to education over the last seven years. She cares deeply about advocating for all students to receive the best opportunities to learn and grow into successful adults. I watched her transition from an innovative classroom teacher to an active school board member, amplifying her positive impact on students.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Bernstein has actively sought opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills to better her ability to help kids. Over her first term on the school board, she attended and participated in nearly every training and event offered to school board members. I have seen her learn and grow so much in her role as a school board member that it seems irrational to replace her with someone who lacks her experience and drive.

One of the critical qualities that sets Bernstein apart is her ability to listen attentively to the concerns of all constituents, regardless of political affiliation. She works to bridge the gaps between different perspectives and bring people together to find common-sense solutions to our most pressing challenges through email, social media, and even in person. The current political climate is also somewhat hostile towards those in education, including school board members, who are often incorrectly blamed for things beyond their control. I have observed Bernstein handle a variety of miscommunications and misunderstandings with class and aplomb because she genuinely cares about her constituents.

Moreover, Bernstein is working on the district strategic plan addressing the pressing issues facing our community. I want to move forward without the hassles of bringing in inexperienced people who will delay the process as they face a steep learning curve. Her experience and knowledge in creating policy make her exceptionally qualified to lead and represent our interests.

In addition to her qualifications, Bernstein possesses the integrity that we should expect from our elected officials. She has consistently demonstrated honesty and transparency. She is a candidate who is genuinely committed to making a positive difference in our kids’ lives.
In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse Christine Bernstein for reelection to the LAPS School Board, and she is the right choice to represent us in the upcoming term.