SALA Phase 2: Building A Brighter Future For Los Alamos

An example of an immersive experience that would be shown in the planned ‘Hill Augmented Theater’ SALA is hoping to add to the events center. Photo Courtesy SALA

Showing 360-degree videos is also part of SALA’s Phase 2. Photo Courtesy SALA


Local residents Sammi Owens and Allan Saenz, the driving force behind the remarkable transformation of the old Reel Deal movie theater into the vibrant and community-centric SALA Event Center, are thrilled to announce the launch of Phase 2. This ambitious project aims to further revitalize downtown Los Alamos and create a cutting-edge immersive experience theater, enhancing the cultural and economic landscape of the area.

Phase 2 of the SALA project represents a remarkable evolution in the heart of Los Alamos. The transformation includes creating stages in front of The Roxy and Social Center, installing state-of-the-art stage lighting, and updating the exterior signage on the East Building Wall with a digital display. The highlight of this phase is the collaboration with 4Pi Productions, renowned for their immersive experiences, to convert one of SALA’s theaters into an immersive experience theater, known as the Hill Augmented Theater.

The Hill Augmented Theater will serve as a versatile hub for a wide range of experiences, from entertainment and edutainment to private events and gaming. It’s not just about renovating a theater; it’s about nurturing creativity, sparking curiosity, and fostering community engagement. This immersive theater promises to connect Los Alamos with the best offerings worldwide, forming an international network of immersive venues. Additionally, SALA will have the capability to showcase a wide range of content, including 360-degree videos from YouTube’s extensive library, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of immersive entertainment and education.

One of the key steps towards realizing this vision is SALA’s LEDA (Local Economic Development Act) application, submitted in June 2023, which seeks a $450,000 grant from Los Alamos County. LEDA is designed to support economic development projects without violating the anti-donation clause of the New Mexico Constitution. In this case, the grant will significantly aid in the realization of Phase 2 improvements at SALA. The benefits to the community are substantial, with the potential to enhance tourism, economic development, and community well-being.

SALA Phase 2 is not just a project; it’s a vision shared by the community. Sammi, Allan, and SALA members have dedicated themselves to revitalizing this space, and they need your support to make it a reality. You can join them in their mission by becoming a member, signing the petition in support of their LEDA application, writing a letter of support, spreading the word, or signing up for their newsletter to stay informed.

By supporting SALA Phase 2, you’re not only helping to create an incredible space for entertainment and education but also contributing to the economic development and enrichment of Los Alamos. Let’s come together and make Phase 2 a reality for our community.

For more information about SALA Phase 2 and how you can support this exciting initiative, visit SALA Phase 2.