John Pawlak Seeks Election To UNM-LA Advisory Board

Candidate for
UNM-LA Advisory Board

UNM-LA provides a valuable service to our community, offering affordable quality education to everyone: certificate and associate degrees, High School equivalency, adult education programs, small business seminars, ESL, tutoring sessions, summer activities, and many other services that align with Los Alamos’ love of learning.

My wife and I have lived in White Rock for 19 years.  Prior to moving here, I worked at Bell Laboratories in New Jersey as a manager of software development and network management groups in the Advanced Technology Planning division, and in program and process management.

After moving to Los Alamos, I taught a summer math course at UNM-LA (College Algebra). Then I worked as a project manager on DLESE (Digital Library for Earth System Education) at LANL.  Later, I taught math and science for eight years at LAHS and six years in Santa Fe, my most recent being at the NM School for the Arts.  Working in education was pure bliss for me.  What could be better than getting paid to talk about mathematics? But the true joy of being an educator was the students!  Los Alamos enjoys a culture of education and a passion for learning that is evident in every school from elementary school through our Community College.  Education rocks!

The UNM-LA Advisory Board performs a valuable function for UNM-LA and the community.  I believe my background in industry and high school teaching would add to the diversity of the current Board. I would like to serve on the Board to actively support our university and continue enabling UNM-LA to maintain its high quality and support its goals. 

It would be a privilege, being able to act as a conduit between an amazing community and an equally amazing university. 

I hope to continue contributing to education in Los Alamos and to use my skills and experience to support UNM-LA on their Advisory Board.  I thank you for your support!