Richard Skolnik Offers Information On Fall 2023 Vaccines

White Rock

Ideally, members of our local community would already have had a chance to discuss with their primary care providers the recommendations for who should get the RSV, COVID, and influenza vaccines and when. However, this is highly unlikely. In addition, some people do not have a primary care provider or lack the financial resources to seek such advice on this matter.

In this light, please see the graphic above that summarizes information about who is eligible for the RSV, influenza, and COVID vaccines, the “protection” they provide, and what the “optimal timing” is for these vaccines. The graphic also contains information on the monoclonal antibody against RSV, which is being recommended for infants below 8 months of age.

The graphic was prepared by Katelyn Jetelina and Caitlin Rivers, two epidemiologists who produce widely viewed newsletters on public health.

For more information on this matter, you can look, among other places, at the website for Your Local Epidemiologist, as well as the website of CDC – The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (