Samizdat Bookstore And Teahouse Fundraiser For First Born Program Runs Until Oct. 31

Jill Lang, left, owner of Samizdat Bookstore & Teahouse, is again collaborating with Ellen Specter, executive director of the First Born Los Alamos Program to raise funds for $2,000 to buy books for the program. Courtesy photo


Samizdat Bookstore and Teahouse is hosting our second annual fundraiser for the First Born  Program to purchase books for babies, young children, and their families September 15-October 31.  The goal is to raise $2,000 for First Born.  

Stop by the bookstore and buy a gift card for First Born to purchase books from Samizdat or purchase a book on First Born’s wish list directly from Samizdat to donate to the program.

As part of their early literacy efforts, First Born regularly provides families with age appropriate  books to borrow and for birthday gifts. First Born also shares a variety of parenting books with  families.  

Since Samizdat Bookstore and Tea House opened in 2021, First Born has purchased most all of  these books from Samizdat Bookstore. Owner, Jill Lang always provides a generous discount to  First Born stating, “A top priority for Samizdat Bookstore is to support the local community.”  

Lang is stepping up to support First Born again. For the next 6 weeks, customers can donate to the  First Born Program’s Book Fundraiser each time they visit the bookstore and support a local small  business at the same time. No purchase is required to donate, though.  

The First Born Program of Los Alamos is a free and voluntary home visiting program for all first time families in  Los Alamos. The program is relationshipcentered and curriculumbased. Families who participate receive support,  information about pregnancy, early childhood development, health, nutrition and safety and learn fun activities to help  build brain development and learning. Through weekly home visits, families identify personal goals, recognize challenges  and opportunities for growth and build a healthy, loving, playful relationship with their child. For more information,  please visit or email  

Samizdat Bookstore and Teahouse was established in Los Alamos in 2021 as part of the Los Alamos Commerce  and Development Corporation’s Retail Accelerator program. They are co-located with the Los Alamos STEAM Lab  at 174 Central Park Square, next to Banken’s Martial Arts and across the parking lot from Rose Chocolatier.  They sell books, puzzles, games, tea, and Boba tea! For more information please visit or  email or call/text 505-412-0238.