LWV Lunch With A Leader Speaker Today Is Dr. Karl Braithwaite


The speaker for the League of Women Voters Lunch with a Leader today, Sept. 21 is Karl Braithwaite who has worked for his long professional life on energy and environmental issues.  He will speak in person at the Unitarian Church Fellowship Hall, 1738 N. Sage Loop in Los Alamos.

Dr. Braithwaite began his career as an assistant professor in political science at Duke University, followed by 10 years in the United States Senate on the staff of the Environment Subcommittee helping to write the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and Superfund.  He spent 21 years at Los Alamos National Laboratory and 10 years at Sandia National Laboratories. He also was Dean of the Muskie School of Public Service in Portland, Maine, and has taught at a number of universities.  After his retirement 7 ½ years ago, he began working with the NM Sierra Club on energy, climate, and conservation issues.