Los Alamos County Horse Show Over-All Results


The following are the overall-results of the recent Los Alamos County Horse Show held Brewer Arena:

10 and under

Zena Subasi 1st

Herta Subasi 2nd

KC Martinez 3rd

Alexa Melaschenko 4th

14 and Under

Sloan Smith 1st

Leann Hardwell 2nd

Novice all ages

Lisa Reader 1st

Aspen Jaramillo 2nd

Deirdre Monroe 2nd

Larissa Breen 3rd

Open Competition

David Ramsay 1st

Belita Martinez 2nd

Sabrina Wilcox 3rd

Eva Martin 4th

Sydney Derby 5th

Donna Hayden 6th

Laura Cox 7th

Deirdre Monroe 8th

Olivia Hakel 9th

Lizette Erives 10th