LANL Director Thom Mason To Speak On ‘Oppenheimer And The Future Of Los Alamos’ On 100th Episode Of NucleCast


On Tuesday, Sept. 5, NucleCast, the official podcast of the ANWA Deterrence Center, Celebrates its 100th Episode with Special Guest, Dr. Thom Mason, Director of Los Alamos National Laboratory.  As Director, Mason leads the Laboratory’s mission to solve important challenges in energy and national security.  

Dr. Mason talks with the host of NucleCast, Dr. Adam Lowther, Director of Strategic Deterrence Programs at the National Strategic Research Institute at the University of Nebraska.  Listeners will learn about the major programs happening at Los Alamos, the status of pit manufacturing, how the Oppenheimer movie is bringing new interest to the lab, and of course, Thom Mason’s three wishes.

Each week, NucleCast features new speakers from the military services, national labs, academia, industry, and think tanks to come on to discuss policy, strategy and current events in strategic nuclear deterrence. Listeners can tune in at or anywhere they enjoy podcasts such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify. 

Established in August 2017, ANWA DC reviews through our public Forums, Roundtables, and our educational podcast, the benefits of a modern strategic nuclear deterrent. The organization educates key stakeholders and the public on the modernization of the U.S. strategic nuclear deterrent:

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