LAFSE Co-Presidents Issue Labor Day Statement

Los Alamos Federation of School Employees

Labor Day marks an annual celebration of the social and economic achievements of American workers as well as the labor movement throughout the United States. On this day, we recognize the substantial and dedicated contribution educators, whether teachers, paraprofessionals, maintenance, transportation, custodial, secretarial, clerks, or technicians, have provided to America’s children. There is no work more noble than to provide generations of children with the foundations that will help them enter the workforce and contribute to society, and we thank educators for dedicating themselves to the betterment of both the children they serve and the American dream they inspire in our youth.

“LAPS Staff members’ dedication to our students is an inspiration to all educators around the United States.” said LAFSE Co-President Trey Pereyra. “Since educators are best able to provide excellent learning opportunities for their students when they feel cared for by their administrators, we believe that a relationship between union and school district that produces fair pay, safe working conditions, and fair labor practices is paramount. I am grateful to Jennifer Guy, Los Alamos Public Schools Superintendent, for continuing to grow the relationship between LAPS and LAFSE for the betterment of LAPS staff and students. Together, I know we will do extraordinary things for Los Alamos and the surrounding communities.” 

“I am grateful for the collaboration we have with Union. They provide an important voice for our staff. LAFSE and LAPS have a strong partnership that I look forward to continuing to build on to make our schools great!” stated Superintendent Guy.

“LAPS staff and admin have put in a lot of hard work to start off this school year on the right foot. I am happy to be part of an organization that values its union, hard work, and commitment to improve every day. I know this year will be one for the books as educators continue to dedicate themselves to our core mission, the betterment of all children” said LAFSE Co-President Stacy Martens.

As celebrations arise throughout the state and country, it is important to remember the unionists who fought for the rights many workers have today, including reasonable wages, the 8hour work day, weekends, and holidays. Their hard work made American labor what it is today. LAFSE and LAPS are proud to continue our partnership and dedication, making history for Los Alamos just as the original laborers did back in the late 1800’s. Together, we wish all educators a happy and restful Labor Day!