Christine Bernstein Seeks Reelection To LAPS Board District Seat

LAPS Board Member
District 3

As we enter a new election year and I find myself in a position to decide if I want to continue in my role as a LAPS board member, I have been doing much reflecting.  And I realize it has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve my community.  

As I look back to 2019, when I was elected, I was so full of excitement and filled with ambition.  I felt that I could finally have an opportunity to make a difference.  As an educator of 25 years, I had this intense desire to impact education.  Then a pandemic hit.

I found myself in new territory, trying to rethink what education looks like online.  I stayed in tune and involved with supporting difficult and sometimes controversial decisions that were made, always keeping at the forefront of my mind what is best for kids.  

We spent the first two years talking about COVID.  Nothing I ever expected to do as a board member.  But I pushed through, and we got through it as a district and a community.
Jump forward to 2022.  We got back to school and talked less about COVID.  We got down to the business of education.  Currently, the board is working on a new strategic plan to prepare for the upcoming accreditation process.

I bring to the table not only a long background in education but the experience to continue the work of a board member.  I have attended almost every single New Mexico School Board Association training and workshop.  I have attended law conferences and leadership conferences.  I have networked and collaborated with other school districts and board members in our state.  I have lobbied and attended each legislative session to support our kids and teachers. 

I have worked hard to understand the nature of my work and to find ways to advocate with diplomacy and integrity.

I am currently on the Strategic Planning Committee, working to address the most current issues facing our students and leading the Academic Excellence Committee.  We have only just begun this process; we are in phase one.  This is a 3-year process, and I intend to finish what I start. 
I am excited about the progress we are making:  Changing the culture of education and what it means to be successful.Discussing what it means to be equitable. Working towards helping 100% of our students reach academic excellence, civic responsibility, and well-being.  
I will always make decisions by living into my values, which are giving our students and teachers a voice followed by action, being accountable for every child, getting to the root causes of issues, not just applying band aids, and lastly, creating space and time for everyone to have difficult conversations or talk about difficult issues. 

And as a board member, I am always learning and growing.

I look forward to campaigning, listening, engaging, and talking with my community.
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