County Council Announces Educational Session On Human-Wildlife Interactions


In celebration of Bear Month, the Los Alamos County Council is pleased to announce an educational session on the do’s and don’ts of human-wildlife interactions. This program is in partnership with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish and hosted by the Pajarito Environmental Education Center (PEEC). 

Ofc. Ariel Perraglio from the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish will share information about living successfully with the wildlife in our community. This educational session will be held on Monday, Aug. 21 at 6 pm at the Los Alamos Nature Center located at 2600 Canyon Road. A reminder that seating is limited in the planetarium and remote access will also be available via Zoom:

This program was organized in response to the growing interest and concern about the interactions between humans and wildlife, particularly bears, in the Los Alamos area. Councilors were motivated to host this event after Ofc. Perraglio highlighted the adverse effects on wildlife caused by well-intentioned humans attempting to feed them. The session aims to raise awareness about the importance of responsible wildlife management and the role individuals can play in preserving the natural ecosystem.