Maddie Harms Is Top Predictor And Best Finisher In Weekly Pace Race

Atomic City runners prepare to set out on their weekly pace Tuesday evening. Courtesy photo

Atomic City Road Runners

Maddie  Harms was the best predictor with a 7 second differential off her predicted time in the weekly pace race on the trail across from the Laboratory “S” Site.  She was also the first female finisher on the 3 mile course with a time of 35:07.  Other accurate predictors were:  Teddy Atkins, Junior at 39 seconds off and also the best finisher in the 1 mile distance at 11:28; Jan Velechovsky with a 58 second differential; Janette Darlington at 66 seconds off; and 2 year old Robin Bujack and Bob Darlington tied at 69 seconds off.

Jacky Atkins was the top female finisher on the 1 mile course recording a 14:23.In the 3 mile distance Lukas Zavorka was the best finisher at 26:27.

Holly Walker was the top finisher in the 3 mile road course with a time of 28:34.

Next week’s race will be held on Tuesday, Aug.15 at 6:00 p.m. at the West end of the Canyon Rim Trail near Smith’s Marketplace  and behind McDonald’s by the auto parts store.  1 and 3 mile paved courses will be available.

For more information call (1)505-672-1639 or visit the Club’s Web site at: