Who Thinks This is Appropriate?

Los Alamos

Three out of the last four weeks I have come home on trash pick-up days to find a dog owner has deposited their dog’s waste into my trash can after it had been emptied by the County.  For the life of me I cannot figure out why someone would think this is appropriate.  Why should I have live with the bad smell of dog poop in my trash can and garage when I don’t own a dog? I have put signs on my trash can kindly requesting people not put their dog waste into my bin but apparently to no avail.

Along these lines, I have noticed on my mountain bike rides little green bags of dog poop sitting along the trails.   I realize some dog owners may plan on picking up the bags later but from experience it appears the bags are easily “forgotten”. This is outright littering.

In conclusion, don’t put your problem onto someone else.  That’s not what good neighbors do.