SALA Updates Movie Lineup And Membership Benefits


SALA has some significant updates to share to our movie schedule and membership benefits for the month of August. Due to the overwhelming success of ticket sales in Los Alamos, Universal Pictures is pressuring us to extend the screening of “Oppenheimer” for an additional week. As a result, “Oppenheimer” is showing until Thursday, Aug. 17.

As we reschedule “Oppenheimer,” the screening dates for “Sound of Freedom” will be shifted to Aug. 18-24. Additionally, we are delighted to include the beloved movie “Barbie” in our August lineup, with screenings from Thursday, Aug. 25 until Monday, Aug. 31.

Another exciting update is in our membership benefits. We are thrilled to introduce an all-inclusive membership package for $50 per month or $600 per year. With this membership, you will have access to participate in all of our events for free, and you can bring a guest along to share in the fun. Moreover, SALA members will now enjoy complimentary popcorn and soda during their visits.
By becoming a SALA member, you not only gain access to exclusive perks, but you also play a crucial role in supporting the continued operation of SALA and keeping the cost of tickets, concessions, and rentals affordable. It’s important to note that approximately 60% of ticket sales go to Hollywood studios, leaving a significant portion to sustain our local theater.

We deeply value the support of our members, as it enables us to maintain our commitment to bringing top-notch entertainment and enriching experiences to the Los Alamos community. By supporting SALA, you are supporting Los Alamos itself.

Please join us in our mission to promote the love of cinema and community by becoming a SALA member today. Your membership will not only benefit you with access to free events and special privileges but also ensure that SALA continues to thrive as a cultural hub in our beloved city.