Los Alamos Police Department Cautions Drivers As The School Year Begins


The Los Alamos Public Schools are starting their 2023 – 2024 school year this coming Wednesday, Aug. 9  This means school buses and numerous juvenile pedestrians and bicyclists will be out on sidewalks and roadways before and after school.

Please be extra cautious in school zones and around crosswalks.  Remember to obey traffic laws regarding school buses and speed regulations when school zone signs are flashing.  Do not pass school buses with flashing lights and stop arms extended out.

The Los Alamos Police Department will be out in full force monitoring school bus routes and school zones to ensure the safety of our youth.  Traffic laws will be strictly enforced.  Please do your part to help protect our youngsters.  

“Please allow for extra time during your morning and evening commutes this coming week as we adjust to the school year.  Over the past few years, we have received numerous complaints of drivers passing stopped school buses. Our officers will be monitoring buses, school zones, and issuing citations for violators.  School buses are equipped with cameras to record violators, so do not pass them when stopped and the flashing lights are activated,” said LAPD Deputy Chief Oliver Morris