Chamber: New Mexico’s Tax Free Weekend Is Here!


The tax holiday starts at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 4, and ends on Sunday, Aug. 6 at midnight.

What items are tax exempt?
·       Shoes and clothing that are less than $100.
·       Computers that are less than $1000.
·       Computer monitors, speakers, printers, keyboards, microphones, or mouse that are less than $500.
·       School supplies students normally use in a standard classroom priced at $30 or less per item.
·       E-Readers (if the model has computing functions such as word processing, spreadsheets, etc.)
·       Tablet computers
·       School backpacks less than $100
·       Handheld calculators under $200
·       Baby clothes & diapers

What items are excluded?
·       Accessories, jewelry, watches.
·       Clothing and shoes specifically designed for athletic activity or protection.
·       Radios, compact disc players, headphones, sporting equipment, portable desktop telephones, video equipment, copiers, office equipment, furniture or fixtures.
·       E-readers (if it only has Internet access and no other functions), PDAs, MP3 players, cassette players and recorders, cameras, books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, and other periodicals.
·       Computer software.
·       Musical instruments.
·       All games, including video games, board games, computer games, and handheld gaming devices.
·       Swimwear
·       Hiking backpacks

What types of sales are tax exempt?
·       Rain checks from a store that has run out of an item are tax exempt.
·       If you put an item on layaway, it’s eligible for waived taxes only if final payment and delivery take place during tax free weekend.
·       If you need to exchange an item bought during the tax free holiday for another item of the same price, the exchange is still tax free.
·       If the exchange is of greater or lesser price than what you originally paid, it is subject to tax.
·       Online sales if the item is both ordered and paid for during tax-free weekend and it’s billed to a New Mexico address.

Please shop local and support our small businesses this weekend!