Lincoln And Racial Discrimination

White Rock

The point behind Lincoln, emancipation (Juneteenth), and several constitutional amendments was to eliminate laws that treat people unequally as racial groups. This is the founding principle of the Republican Party. The Democrats advocated for slavery and Jim Crow laws until recent times, but did they change fundamental moral principles when they abandoned discriminating against black Americans?

Today, we have recent events both national and local that indicate that racial discrimination of certain kinds is alive and well in the Democratic Party. The national example is the recent Supreme Court ruling ordering the Ivy league schools to stop admissions discrimination against Asians specifically. This is an old tradition in these bastions of liberalism, a hundred years ago they had Jewish quotas, now they have Asian quotas ( and probably White as well) indicating that they are just as biased as ever. Even President Biden joined in that the universities should find a way to maintain racial discrimination in admissions while choosing more evasive language. He thinks racial discrimination is ok when it is directed at some groups.

There is also a recent letter (on Juneteenth of the loony month of June) from Aaron Walker and published in the Los Alamos Reporter. He is celebrating Lincoln and Juneteenth while the advocating for racial equity and Black Lives Matter. These movements along with affirmative action and reparations and just racial discrimination, treating groups unequally in both media and law. Don’t use Lincoln’s name when you are advocating the opposite of his principles.

Lincoln and all the abolitionists were motivated by a Judeo-Christian moral code that advocates equal treatment for all. This is a moral code that is the basis of our civilization, but modern society, or at least the media, are abandoning that foundation.