LAPD Asks Public To Respect Cultural Sites And Report Vandalism


Los Alamos County Parks and Open Space officials report two incidents of vandalism to federally protected cultural sites within the Los Alamos area over the past couple of months.  Pueblo de San Ildefonso Governor Christopher A. Moquino stated “the Pueblo is deeply saddened and concerned to hear of the desecration of Our cultural resources and cultural sites by thoughtless acts of vandalism. The Pajarito plateau is the aboriginal land base for the Tewa people of Po-Woh-Geh Owingeh the Pueblo de San Ildefonso and has significant meaning to us and our ancestors. We ask that all please respect all resources of all cultures. The Governor and Council support any charges that are brought against individuals responsible for these crimes. We appreciate the communication and collaboration with Los Alamos County representatives on this important matter.” 

County Open Space Specialist Eric Peterson added that vandalism, defacement, or any form of destruction to archaeological sites is strictly prohibited by law, including the Archaeological Resources Protection Act. Violating these laws can result in felony charges with up to two years in prison and a $20,000 fine per charge. Peterson requests all residents and visitors actively protect these sites by immediately reporting suspicious activities or acts of vandalism to the Los Alamos Police Department at (505) 662-8222. 

“The Los Alamos Police Department is offering a $1,000 reward to any person who has information that leads to the arrest and/or prosecution of any individuals associated with these crimes.  Reporting individuals may call L.A. Crimestoppers at (505) 662-8282.  We are committed to working with San Ildefonso and Santa Clara Pueblos to protect their cultural heritage,” said Deputy Chief Oliver Morris