Dr. James Carroll Lecture On Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, Science, Peril And Promise This Evening At SALA


Dr. James Carroll will discuss Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, Science, Peril and Promise this evening, Tuesday, July 25 at 6:30 p.m. at SALA Los Alamos Event Center. Food will be available for purchase at a food truck on site before the lecture.

Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence have surprised many, and have led to an  intense discussion about issues surrounding their safety and ethical use. In this lecture  we will try to address some of the philosophical questions surrounding AI, such as “Can computers think?”, “Do they understand?”, “WHAT do they understand?”, “Are they conscious?”, and “What are the true dangers they pose?” We will also discuss some of  the potential religious implications such as “The Simulation Hypothesis”, and “The New  God Argument”, and we will address some of the questions raised by philosophical  thought experiments including “Mary’s Room”, “The Chinese Room” and the “Neural  Substitution Argument”. 

In another lecture available online (https://youtu.be/pH0_ECANvXI) Dr. Carroll has discussed issues relating to the history of Artificial Intelligence, the breakthroughs that made  recent advances possible, copyright, and the difficulty of the alignment problem (making  sure that AI’s stay friendly). This lecture will hopefully stand on its own, while also  building on these topics. 

James L. Carroll received a PhD in Computer Science with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence and a minor in Ancient Near Eastern History in 2010 from Brigham Young  University. His dissertation was on the Statistics of Machine Learning, and the  Computer Assisted annotation of ancient religious texts. As a graduate student he  taught classes on Artificial Intelligence, Isaiah, The Book of Mormon, and The Pearl of  Great Price in the Ancient Scripture Department. After graduation he worked at Los  Alamos National Laboratory, first as a post doc, and then as a scientist, where he  worked primarily on radiography. He is currently researching the application of Machine  Learning and Artificial Intelligence for the analysis of Radiographic Image data.

He  currently attends the Unitarian Universalist Church of Los Alamos, where he teaches Adult Religious Education classes on comparative religion and the Old Testament. His classes are available online at: https://www.youtube.com/@jlc46