Board Game Tournament Set For Saturday, July 22 At Samizdat Bookstore & Teahouse In Central Park Square


Samizdat Bookstore is thrilled to announce its upcoming Unmatched tournament, an event that will immerse board game enjoyers in epic battles between legendary characters. The tournament will take place this Saturday, July 22 starting at 5 p.m. at the Samizdat Bookstore & Teahouse located at 174 Central Park Square in Los Alamos.

Unmatched, a highly acclaimed board game, offers a unique and strategic gameplay experience. Each player gets an iconic character from history, literature, comics or folklore, using their character’s miniature and unique deck of ability cards to engage in fast and fun individual and team battles. Only through Unmatched can you finally get the answer to the age-old questions like: “Who truly rules the forest, Little Red Riding Hood… or Bigfoot?” or “Can Sherlock Holmes and Watson put a stop to the criminal antics of Marvel’s Deadpool?”

The Unmatched tournament at Samizdat Bookstore invites players of all skill levels to come learn the game, meet other board gaming enthusiasts, and have a night of silly battles and friendly competition. There will be a grand prize for the tournament winner, and a drawing for door prizes for participants. Entry is $10 for adults, free for teens.

This event is made possible with the help of Mesa Top Games & Toys and the Los Alamos Teen Center  – no pre-registration required.