Amended Fire Restrictions Implemented Tuesday Within Los Alamos County


In response to the current very high weather conditions and elevated fire danger, Los Alamos Fire Department has implemented the following fire restrictions within the county boundary. Effective today, Tuesday, July 11, 2023, as of 2 p.m. the below fire restrictions are in place.  This Order supersedes any previously announced fire restrictions.

Pursuant to Section 22-33(e)(2) of the Los Alamos County Code, the following are PROHIBITED:

  • Any fire permits for recreational fire devices issued prior to the imposition of these fire restrictions are suspended. 
  • The use of outdoor cooking or recreational fire devices that use charcoal or wood is unlawful. 
  • The use of unattended outdoor gas and pellet cooking devices is unlawful. 
  • The use of campfires and any recreational fire is unlawful. 
  • Outdoor smoking is unlawful unless an area has been specifically permitted by the Fire Marshal or Fire Chief. 
  • The operation of small internal combustion engine equipment is unlawful unless the small internal combustion engine is equipped with a spark arresting device. 
  • Outdoor welding, metal grinding, hot tar roofing, driveway sealing, and oxy-acetylene metal cutting, and any other outdoor work which produces a hot ember or visible flame is unlawful unless a permit is obtained from the Fire Marshal. 
  • The use of fireworks is prohibited. The Los Alamos Fire Department further requests the cooperation of all residents and visitors to adhere to all fire restrictions imposed on land in and around the County, including those imposed by the U.S. Forest Service in the Santa Fe National Forest.
  • The USFS and NM State Forestry have issued their own fire restrictions within the Santa Fe National Forest. For more information on those visit: or
  • Violation of fire restrictions may result in penalties and other legal consequences. 
  • Individuals are encouraged to exercise caution by following these safety tips: 
  • Report any signs of smoke or fire immediately by calling 9-1-1,
  • Maintain a clear defensible space around your property by removing dead vegetation and flammable materials, 
  • Proactively review the Ready, Set, Go Wildland Fire Action Guide, and
  • Stay informed. Follow the webpages of the LAFD-Fire Marshal’s Office and LAFD Wildland Fire Office.
  • For more information call the Los Alamos Fire Department at 505-662-8301.