Beehaus Design & Ecomarketing: A New Take On Conventional Practices

Artist Margarita Ryan with her rendering of a recent J. Robert Oppenheimer portrait at SALA Event Center. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce

Argentinian native and Los Alamos resident, Margarita Ryan, has broken into creative marketing entrepreneurship. Once known for her exquisite empanadas, Ryan is now known around Los Alamos for her impressionist rendering of an Oppenheimer portrait at SALA Event Center, as well as a recent Oppenheimer mural at Bathtub Row. Applying her artistic skills to further environmentalism, Ryan and a team of designers in Argentina have created Beehaus Design & Ecomarketing, a digital design agency. 

Beehaus’ mission is to “provide creative and sustainable solutions for brands to stand out in the market through digital content.” They aim to offer “eco-friendly marketing and design services for clients seeking sustainable and responsible solutions,” per their digital business plan. Their team consists of graphic designers, marketing directors, and an administration and community manager. They also plan to collaborate with 2-D and 3-D animators, illustrators, and interior designers and architect specialists when and where appropriate.

 “I have always been curious and entrepreneurial,” says Ryan,” and despite studying art since I was young, it’s not the only thing I have dedicated myself to. I had a vegetarian food venture, sold art, taught classes in that regard, dabbled in the tattoo world, and also funded my travels by leaving murals in the places I visited. Currently, I am in the final stages of completing my sculpture degree thesis.” 

The Beehaus concept was born over friends discussing their shared desire to contribute to environmentalism in a meaningful way. Initially the project was meant to be an art foundation, supporting several foundations located in Argentina whose mission is to support bee conservation and, by extension, local endangered flora threatened by the destruction of natural land. Over the course of two years, this concept shifted to what it has become today- a marketing and design company working with companies who value conservation. Inspired by the famous Bauhaus Art movement, the name “Beehaus” was also inspired by the Córdoba Cultural Center in Argentina.

 “In the future, we aim to become a platform to promote art, ecology, and technology. In addition to working on a podcast, we plan to collaborate with organizations in Argentina that will help amplify our message and fight alongside us to protect the planet. Once we reach our first $1000 in revenue, we will begin donating a percentage to active civil organizations dedicated to preserving and caring for bees and the environment,” Ryan shares. 

Ryan has worked with several people in the community to help produce this venture, including Small Business Development Center Director Sandy Jones. Beehaus provides a range of graphic design services, as well as video production and brand strategies. You can find out more about Beehaus Design & Ecomarketing services by emailing or following them on social media. Facebook: Beehaus.themagic, Linkedin: beehaus-themagic
Instagram: @beehaus.themagic. Consultations are free.  

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