County Councilors To Hold Town Hall On Raising The Minimum Wage


Los Alamos County Councilors Denise Derkacs, Melanee Hand, and Randall Ryti will hold a town hall meeting on Monday, June 26 at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers to discuss potentially increasing the minimum wage within the county. This meeting serves as a continuation of a May 23 council meeting, where two inspiring middle school students presented a case for raising the minimum wage from $12 an hour to $15 an hour.

The town hall meeting aims to provide an inclusive platform for community members, business owners, workers and stakeholders to engage in a constructive dialogue about this topic. Interested individuals can join in person in the Council Chambers at 1000 Central Ave., Los Alamos or via Zoom at

Recognizing the significance of the minimum wage and its effect on quality of life and economic vitality in Los Alamos County, “we look forward to hearing the valuable insights from members of the community,” stated Councilor Derkacs.  “It is through the collective and collaborative efforts of our community that Council can make informed decisions to positively impact the County.”

For those not able to attend, the meeting will be recorded and made available on the county’s webpage  For additional information contact the County Manager’s office at 505-663-1750.