2023 Southwestern Artisans Market Set For July 1-2 At Millicent Rogers Museum In Taos

A Ralph Sena piece ‘Monstrance’ is pictured in a late 20th century-early 21st century photo. The sterling silver monstrance is 17 inches tall and took first place in the 2009 Spanish Market. It was gifted to the collection of the Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos. Courtesy photo

‘Game Day’, Game Day, 2021 Live Comedy, acrylic by Ricardo Cate’. Courtesy photo


The Millicent Rogers Museum presents the 2023 Southwestern Artisans Market, a two-day showcase with a wide range of the artworks created by the multi-cultural facets of the vibrant Southwest. This event will be on Saturday, July 1 and Sunday July 2, 2023. The market will offer arts, food and a variety of programs. The market will be primarily outdoors and admission and parking is free!

Call for Artists
There is still booth space open for the 2023 Southwestern Artisans Market.. The deadline to reserve a booth has been extended until June 19.  The booth fee is $250. Artists wishing to participate should visit www.millicentrogers.org to submit the artist participation forms or email business.mgr@millicentrogers.org for the participation packet. Artists are permitted to share a booth space and fee. The participation forms should be submitted and the fee is paid by June 19.

There is an invitation for artists to also participate by selling work on an online platform. This online platform will be Millicent Rogers website from July 10, through the month of July. The online option has the capacity to host more artists then those who may be able to attend in person. 

The Museum is pleased to announce that the market is co-chaired by three accomplished artists from New Mexico: Sheena Cameron, Ricardo Cate’, and Ralph Sena. These artists were selected to be the foundation for a multi-cultural, multi-media fair. 

Sheena Cameron, Rare Earth Studios in Embudo.
Sheena Cameron recently created a work for Secretary Deb Haaland, U.S. Department of Interior. This piece is currently on display at the Albuquerque National Airport. Her works in clay are distinctive in style and reflect the many beings of the Earth. She is most known for her value of the horse. Her multi-media works in clay combine symbols, gems, trinkets. Her work shows a sensitivity to the needs of all beings and the Earth and  expresses survival by living in community rather than being a predator.

Sheena will offer a free demonstration of the making of the Holy Trinity Plate. This design uses 3 ravens that will fold into one another creating a small plate. 

Ricardo Cate’, Without Reservations Studio, Kewa Pueblo.
Ricardo Cate’ is a multi-talented cartoonist who was initially featured in the Santa Fe New Mexican in 2006. He is the only Native American cartoonist whose work is published by a daily mainstream newspaper. He is a traditional participant at Kewa Pueblo, formerly Santo Domingo Pueblo, where his home studio is located. 

Ricardo Cate uses his recognition in many ways to advance the real time subject through his wry and poignant humor. Ricardo Cate’ will have his works on canvas available for purchase. He will also be performing an evening of comedy with three of his fellow comedians. This will be on Saturday evening, July 1 from 5:30-7:00 PM. This is a ticketed event and tickets are limited. 

Ralph Anthony Sena, from Bosque.
Ralph Sena comes from a long line of blacksmiths. He has expressed that he is a blacksmith at heart who funds his desire of blacksmithing through his mastery of jewelry. Mr. Sena attributes the influence on his style to the quality time he has spent with Native American artisans and friends. His high standards for materials and forging techniques are key to manipulating the metal and setting stones in an aesthetically pleasing manner. 

Ralph Sena’s attention to details and clean work is most evident in his traditional filigree jewelry designs. A Ralph Sena masterpiece, titled Monstrance, is on exhibition in the Hispanic Gallery and is part of the Museum’s permanent collection. He will be giving a talk about this piece during the 2-day market. (Time to be determined)

The Millicent Rogers Museum is honored to have the opportunity to grow our community through the Southwestern Artisans Market Co-Chairs and all the participating artists. The Museum is excited to have this chance to celebrate the arts and cultures of the Southwest through diverse artists, mediums, performances, food, and programming. 

Located at 1504 Millicent Rogers Road in Taos, New Mexico, the Millicent Rogers Museum celebrates and shares the arts and cultures of the Southwest.  Museum hours are 10am to 5pm, seven days a week. General admission is $15, with free admission daily for veterans, members, and children 12 and under. Taos County residents receive free entry to the museum every Sunday. 

Please check http://www.millicentrogers.org for updates about this market schedule and for hours.

Sheena Cameron with ‘Raven Trinity Plates. Courtesy photo

Sheena Cameron’s ‘Group of Horses’ – multi-media clay figures with gold leaf. Courtesy photo

Ricardo Cate’/Courtesy photo

Ralph Sena/Courtesy photo