More Local Businesses Offer Support For Pride Week

Village Arts supports Pride month because respecting and celebrating the diversity of who we are makes us stronger as a whole. Courtesy photo

Friends of Los Alamos Pride

In preparing for Pride week, the Friends of Los Alamos Pride made outreach to local businesses and invited them to provide messages of support for Pride. Here is the second set of messages we are sharing and we will share at least one more during the coming days. 

Jim and Dawn at Aspen Copies. Courtesy photo

Aspen Copies

We support Pride Month because we are all human beings who need to be treated as equal, no matter who we are and who we love

LA Bootery

We support Pride month because communication leads to understanding, understanding leads to tolerance, tolerance leads to peace.  

Los Alamos Cooperative Market

The Los Alamos Cooperative Market supports Pride month because we believe that our community becomes a better place when diversity is embraced.  Regardless of how you identify or who you love, you are welcome here.  Happy Pride Month!