SALA Hosts Art, Science & Immunology Talk June 15


SciArt Santa Fe is hosting a free LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) Talk on Art, Science, and Immunology, featuring bio-artist Marta De Menezes and immunologist Dr. Luis Graça on Thursday, June 15 from 4:00-5:30 pm at SALA Event Center in Los Alamos. This unique event will explore the intersection of art and science and the potential for interdisciplinary collaboration in the realm of immunology.

As the trend of interdisciplinary collaboration increases, research laboratories have begun to serve as studios for art production. However, the approach of artists and scientists when working in the lab differs significantly. The LASER Talk will discuss the similarities and differences between these two creative activities and explore the potential for future collaboration.

Marta de Menezes and Dr. Luis Graça will share their experiences of experimenting with the immune response to rejection within their own bodies, as a form of binding and differentiation. Their presentation will delve into the historical separation between the endeavors of scientists and artists, and how recent years have seen a growing intersection between the two cultures.

The talk promises to be an enlightening and inspiring event, showcasing the potential for interdisciplinary collaboration between artists and scientists. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore the creative intersection of art and science with renowned experts Marta de Menezes and Dr. Luis Graça. Reserve your spot now through Eventbrite and join the conversation on the future of art and science collaboration.

Marta de Menezes is a leader and pioneer in bio-art, an art form that combines biological processes with artistic expression. She has spent years working in biology labs, using scientific techniques to create thought-provoking art that challenges and questions scientific assumptions. Her work has been exhibited internationally, inspiring generations of artists and scientists to think beyond disciplinary boundaries.

Dr. Luis Graça is a Professor of Immunology and Vice-Dean at the University of Lisbon Medical School. His most significant scientific contributions are related to the regulation of antibody production in vaccination and autoimmunity. In recent years, Dr. Graça led the technical advisory group for the COVID-19 vaccination in Portugal. He has hosted several artists in the laboratory, resulting in collaborative artworks that have been exhibited worldwide.

The LASER Talk on Art, Science, and Immunology is presented by SciArt Santa Fe, the University of New Mexico (UNM) Confluence Program, with support from Fulbright. For more information about SciArt Santa Fe and the LASER series, visit

The Leonardo LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) program is a series of international gatherings that bring together artists, scientists, humanists, and technologists. Its mission is to encourage contributions to the cultural environment of a region by fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and opportunities for community building in over 50 cities worldwide. To learn more about LASER Hosts and to visit a LASER event near you, please visit their website. @lasertalks

For more information contact Andrea Polli at or 718-909-5607

This is a great opportunity for sharing a meal or a drink at one of our local restaurants or pubs, or to take a stroll together in the Los Alamos Creative District following the event.