Friends Of Los Alamos Pride: Luke Eigelbach

Luke Eigelbach/Courtesy photo

Friends of Los Alamos Pride

It’s time to celebrate LGBTQ+ pride! This year marks the sixth Los Alamos Pride Week, June 11-17, and the fourth in-person Pride Festival from 3-7 p.m. Friday June 16, on the lawn at Central Park Square (adjacent to Boese Bros and the Y Express). As Pride Week approaches, Friends of Los Alamos Pride would like to introduce its board members — the heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears behind all the county’s Pride festivities. Today, we would like you to meet Luke Eigelbach.

Luke Eigelbach

Who are you?

My name is Luke Eigelbach (he/him) and you might know me as the One Circle coordinator and resource assistant at Los Alamos JJAB. I’m a Kentucky native and I moved to Los Alamos in September of 2020. 

Why did you join FLAP?

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community and someone who works with Los Alamos youth, I wanted to join FLAP so that I could help make sure that all LGBTQ+ folks living here know that they are valued members of our community, and to make sure that they have the resources they need. 

Why is Pride important to you, to Los Alamos, and to the broader community? Why is Pride important right now, at this point in history? 

In our time, Pride is seen largely as a celebration, a day to be ourselves and let our flags fly proudly. And it is that. But Pride started as a riot. Black trans women threw bricks and fought back against the police who were attacking them for simply existing. This year, we’re living through a massive wave of trans panic that is making itself heard in legislation throughout the country. Our community is scared for our brothers and sisters living in states like Missouri, where gender-affirming care was just outlawed for both youth and adults (except in impossible-to-achieve circumstances). We’re tired of fighting for the right to live our lives. Now more than ever, we need Pride to remind each of us that we are not alone in this fight — that we are surrounded by LGBTQ+ folks and allies who are fighting with us. 

We need to show queer and trans youth especially that our community is full of joy, vibrancy, and love for each other. We need Pride to be so big and loud that those who aren’t able to come out — both kids and adults — hear it and see it and know that they are loved and have a place in this world.

What Pride event are you most looking forward to?

It’s impossible to choose! The festival is probably my favorite event, just because there are so many people decked out in their flags and rainbows. But I also love the Atomic Follies Cabaret and Pride on the Patio.