SALA Event Center Recognizes $20,000 Award From Regional Development Corporation

Jean Gindreau, Executive Director of PAC 8, right, and Allan Saenz, owner of SALA, are collaborating on immersive experience development through support from an RCD grant. Courtesy photo

SALA is converting one of its theaters into an immersive experience. Courtesy image


SALA Los Alamos Event Center enthusiastically recognizes the receipt of a $20,000 award from the Regional Development Corporation’s Technology and Manufacturing (TEAM) fund. The TEAM Fund has been pivotal in driving our efforts to convert one of our theaters into an enchanting immersive experience.

This award facilitated the acquisition of integral technology, including a server, laptop, multiple 360 cameras, accessories, and two projectors. These tools will form the bedrock of our ambitious project, powering our testing and the creation of immersive 360 content.

SALA is thrilled to extend part of this technology to PAC 8 as part of our collaboration.

“We’re excited to share this groundbreaking technology with the students, and we’re eager to see the captivating content they will generate,” stated Allan Saenz, owner of SALA Event Center.

PAC 8 has been fostering creativity and technical skills in students aged 8-14 since 1996 through their engaging summer video camps and the Summer Film Intensive Program for teenagers.

“As we embraced GoPro 10 years ago and drones eight years ago, we’re excited to introduce these 3-D cameras in our upcoming summer classes. This partnership with SALA promises to be a stimulating learning journey for our students,” shared Jean Gindreau, Executive Director at PAC 8.

The TEAM Fund, a funding opportunity offered by the Regional Development Corporation (RDC), a regional non-profit economic development organization, is aimed at fostering business growth and diversification in Northern New Mexico. The award granted to SALA by the TEAM Fund encourages us to enhance our offerings related to immersive experiences, consequently boosting revenue potential and contributing to local job creation.

SALA’s initiative to develop a starter Immersive Experience Production Facility underlines our commitment to innovation and community engagement. This development is expected to not only double our facility’s programming but also create potential revenue streams from the organic production of immersive content.

An immersive experience transcends traditional entertainment, catapulting audiences into other realms, stimulating senses, and altering perceptions. From cosmic explorations to journeys within the human body, immersive experiences push the limits of reality. Our venture will enable the creation of original immersive content and a proprietary template to transform underused spaces into immersive venues.

As we conclude, we wish to express our profound gratitude to the Regional Development Corporation and its TEAM Fund. The financial support provided through this award has been instrumental in our expansion into the exciting world of immersive experience development. This project not only secures the sustainability of our business but also has a ripple effect on the local economy, contributing to the tax base and the GDP of the area.

Moreover, the RDC’s continued dedication to fostering business growth and diversification in Northern New Mexico aligns with our shared vision of enriching the local community. By offering immersive experiences within the existing SALA facility, we believe we can enhance visitor experience, present captivating cultural content, and help achieve community goals and aspirations. None of this would be possible without the generous support of the RDC and its commitment to community development.

About PAC 8:
PAC 8’s summer media classes start Tuesday, May 30, with openings still available for students aged 9-14. A wide range of skills will be taught, including videography, editing, drone flying, music composition, lighting, special effects, and GoPro video. Crucially, the new addition of 360 cameras to the curriculum will provide students with hands-on experience in creating immersive experience development.