LAPS Supt. Jennifer Guy Addresses Tips And Screenshots Of Potential School Threats Wednesday


Los Alamos Public Schools Supt. Jennifer Guy has announced that several tips and screen shots of potential school threats have been received Wednesday.

“These are several different images circulating around social media. Most of these threats are directed at Santa Fe. I have talked to the Santa Fe Superintendent and they are aware of the threats and working with the police. They do not believe these are credible threats,” she said in an email to local media.

“We are in close communication with the Los Alamos Police Department. These messages are going out statewide and they have not found a credible source. Out of an abundance of caution, we have increased police presence at our schools and will continue to work with LAPD to ensure student safety.  We do not have a threat in Los Alamos,” Guy said.

Santa Fe Public Schools issued a statement noting that the City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe Police Department are working directly with the FBI on the threat, which appears to be a hoax.