AllerPops Corp. Announces Beginning Of The End Of Allergy Era Event With May 11 Event At SALA


AllerPops started operations in 2017 and recently completed its research and development-focused phase, which lasted six years. Over the period, the company has expanded its product mix to include prebiotic toothpaste and a variety of new AllerPops flavors. Now, the company is ready to shift its sights to marketing and expanding to national markets.

Recent efforts have solidified AllerPops’ position as a prime remedy for complete and lasting allergy relief. Most notably, the success of the company’s phase II clinical trial has attested to the safety and efficacy of its product.

Founder and president Cliff Han views the expansion as a formidable, yet welcome and exciting opportunity. As he puts it, “Moving forward, we will need a capital injection for branding and marketing”.

AllerPops, as a consumer product, has a vast market with over 100 million allergy sufferers in the U.S. On the other hand, it also has a stunning task to get the message to every person in need. Although it may seem costly in the beginning, our thought-leader-based marketing strategy is expected to lessen the cost by tenfold.”

He ends, “Join and invest in AllerPops. Together, we can end the allergy era and free everyone from this suffering”.

AllerPops Corp. will host the “Beginning of the End of the Allergy Era” event at the SALA Event Center in Los Alamos from 4 to 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 11.Seats are limited please register at

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About AllerPops

AllerPops Corp. is a Los Alamos, NM-based company dedicated to relieving allergies for long periods, removing the need for daily shots or drugs. The company’s guiding principle is reconnecting customers with nature and the world.