N3B To Match Raised Funds For Family Strengths Network Up To $1,500 From April 17-30

FSN provides a variety of fun activities for families, parents, teens and children. Photo Courtesy FSN


Family Strengths Network (FSN) announces a fundraiser for its Los Alamos Community Foundation (LACF) Agency Fund to be matched by N3B. N3B has agreed to match up to $1,500 in raised funds from April 17 through April 30.

FSN started as a child abuse prevention organization in Los Alamos in 1989 and has grown greatly in its offerings to families of Los Alamos and surrounding communities. Its mission is to provide education, support groups, and fun activities to all types of families, parents, teens and children. Today, the programs include a variety of STEAM activities, music, playdates, parenting classes and support groups. It also has a toy lending library and a great collection of books covering an array of parenting and family topics. FSN mainly relies on donations and grants to fund programs.

LACF supports local nonprofits by helping them grow in capacity and ability to improve quality of life in the community. One way of doing so is through agency funds. Individuals donate to the agency fund, which LACF manages and invests for the nonprofit organization. Investment income is distributed to the nonprofit annually which over time provides a steady source of income and sustainable support. The ultimate goal is that this steady income will allow FSN to maintain and increase its value to local families.

N3B Los Alamos is an agency contracted through the US Department of Energy, whose primary responsibility in Los Alamos is cleaning up legacy waste at Los Alamos National Laboratory. N3B is dedicated to investing in the region and has a history of contributing financially to the betterment of the area. This N3B news release, published by the Los Alamos Reporter in February (https://losalamosreporter.com/2023/02/08/n3b-los-alamos-support-of-northern-new-mexico-communities-outlined-in-2022-annual-report/) announced their almost $370,000 contribution in 2022 to nonprofits and initiatives in Northern New Mexico. In the same article, N3B president and general manager Kim Lebak said, “Individually and as an organization, we love Northern New Mexico. We’re eager to do our part to make sure this area thrives and that all of its residents thrive as well.”

You can make a donation any time to FSN’s agency fund here or by scanning the QR code (below), and during the dates indicated above, your donation will be matched by N3B up to $1,500.

FSN is located at 3540 Orange Street in Los Alamos, (505) 662-4515.

FSN is a United Way Partner.