How To Help Students Frantically Looking For A Safe Place To Rent This Summer


Empty nest syndrome? Do you want to learn about a different culture? Rent a room to a student in your home this summer! Help shape the face of the next generation of passionate scientists, engineers technicians and support staff.

Are you an empty nester? Do you love our outdoors and culture and can’t wait to share the marvels of Northern New Mexico with someone new to the area? Have you recently purchased or rented a home and would enjoy some company this summer (3-6 months). Rent some space in your home to one of the 2023 summer students coming to town!

Los Alamos National Laboratory is invested in inspiring students to consider careers in National Security and hosts around 2000 students every year during the summer. Students come to New Mexico from all over the world. It is often this unique and extremely important part of their education where they get to be mentored by LANL’s amazing staff and do some of their research using the unmatched capabilities and resources available at LANL. They do all this in a non-academic setting closer to what they are likely to experience in their future careers. Internships at National Labs offer students their first view of what their profession and future will be and allows them to create life-long connections. Often those connections impact their paths and sometimes they become part of LANL pipeline when their education and training is over and are ready to be the next generation of passionate scientists, engineers, technicians and support staff.

To help those students franticly looking for a safe location to rent this summer at Los Alamos or neighboring communities, a site has been created as a way for the community to share information about potential rooms available in their homes. The information collected will be shared through messages to individual students looking for a room to rent this summer in local Facebook pages.

We want summer students to be safe, happy and be very productive this summer and what a better place to be safe and happy than in the home opened up this summer by the supportive community of Los Alamos!

Would you like to have a partner to practice a foreign language? Or learn about a new culture? Rent a room in your home to an international summer intern! Students bring their culture and interests to our town and your family. They often become part of the family by the end of the summer. Also, international summer students often do not have their own transportation and rely on friends or public transportation to get to the laboratory or to outings. Students from outside NM are also unaware of the challenges of our climate, surroundings, or the magnificent culture of New Mexico!

If you are a passionate about New Mexico and Los Alamos culture, share it with a student this summer!