LAPS Announces Opportunity To Learn And Earn Free Bobcat Bonanza Tickets


Barranca Mesa Elementary PTO, Los Alamos JJAB and the Los Alamos Public Schools (LAPS) Prevention Program invite families to learn and earn free tickets for the Bobcat Bonanza event May 5 at Barranca Mesa Elementary School.

Explore one or more of these short online modules that address important family topics, then have a fun family night at the Barranca Bobcat Bonanza.

Do you have concerns about your child’s sleep patterns, managing anxiety, resilience building, how families navigate screen time/social media, and how to initiate important conversations with your children? Check out the links below because there are many great learning resources to explore! We also have Spanish learning available. You can also donate earned tickets to benefit another family.

 Please email for info if needed.

Parent Information Options in English – Once you have completed one of the learning options below, please complete this form to let us know you participated.

  1. Screen Time and Social Media – sign up and follow the course (30 minutes)

This online parent training course focuses on navigating the worlds of screen time and social media. Modern-day families need modern-day solutions, tips, and strategies to thrive in a digital world. Watch and download (at your own pace) to help you (and your kids) with screen time and social media!

  1. Resilience – sign up and follow the course (30 minutes)

This online parent training course focuses on building resilience in our families. If we’re being honest, life can be hard, like, really hard. Families could use a hand in learning what it takes to zig and zag with life’s challenges. Watch and download (at your own pace) to help you (and your kids) with resilience-building strategies!

  1. Healthy Minds, Thriving Kids Project – watch together and discuss (45 minutes)

You can use these evidence-based resources (and super cute, creative videos!) to spark important conversations and teach your kids a set of essential mental health skills.

  1. KidsHealth Videos – watch and discuss (20-30 minutes)
    How can I help my child manage anxiety? –

Feeling nervous, worried, or uneasy at times is a normal part of growing up. Helping your child feel more in control and able to cope with stress can help prevent anxiety from becoming a bigger problem. Watch this video to find out how.

Is your child depressed? – – Feeling sad or moody from time to time is a normal part of growing up.

Often, kids and teens can work through it. But a sad feeling that lasts for a couple weeks or longer, or is affecting daily life, could be a sign of depression.

Learn more in this video.

How can I help my teen get enough sleep? –

Not getting enough sleep can lead to physical and mental health problems in teens. By making a plan together, you can help your teen sleep better.

  1. Dare to Share Campaign – talking to kids during Mental Health Awareness Month – watch together and discuss (20-30 minutes) – clinical psychologist Jamie Howard

Maisie Williams – British actress (YouTube closed captions available in Spanish and other languages for this and the following videos)
Gus Kenworthy – British-American former freestyle skier, actor, and YouTuber
Joshua – 16 year old student
Steve Young – American former professional football quarterback
Logan Browning – American actress