Pastor Deb Beloved Church Consecrated As United Church Of Christ Diakonal Minister

2022-2023 Nollau Leadership Institute participants Courtesy photo

Rev. Deb Beloved Church, far right, at the Nollau Leadership Institute. Courtesy photo


Along with 15 other professionals from health and human service organizations around the country, the Rev. Deb Beloved Church, Pastor of White Rock Presbyterian Church, was recently consecrated as a Diakonal Minister in the United Church of Christ, indicating the successful completion of the Nollau Leadership Institute.

Nollau is a year-long leadership development program sponsored by the United Church of Christ Council for Health and Human Services Ministries (CHHSM). Through retreats, small group experiences, online gatherings, and more, this program serves to “cultivate today’s leaders who are committed to creating a just, caring, and compassionate world,” and creates a container for deep knowing of one’s self, strong bonds between participants, greater awareness of the need for justice in the world, and thoughtful consideration of how to be a faithful leader in the face of that need.From the Nollau website: “Although many come to this program from a CHHSM organization or UCC-affiliated ministry, people of all backgrounds are welcome to attend…If you are interested in examining what it means to be a leader by exploring what it means to be human, to be in relationship, and to be part of something larger than yourself, CHHSM welcomes you to apply to this transformative year-long program.”

And from Rev. Church: “Participating in the Nollau Leadership Institute was a transformative experience for me. Not only was I surrounded by authentic, curious, compassionate, justice-seeking, and fun people–both classmates and facilitators–but I came away with a much deeper understanding of myself, that is already allowing me to be a more courageous and authentic leader. I’m so grateful for this opportunity, and encourage others to consider it!”

For more information about Nollau, check out their website: To learn more about Pastor Deb and White Rock Presbyterian Church, check out