County: Capital Improvement Projects Survey Results Available Online


Los Alamos County held two town halls in February to update the community on existing capital improvement projects (CIP). Feedback was then requested on 10 potential new capital projects. A survey was open for public participation from February 21 through March 9, with 424 individuals participating. Results are now available on the County’s website. 

The survey asked two short questions:  

  1. Considering that the County has funding and resource constraints, please prioritize the level of importance for each NEW capital improvement project asset over the next 5 to 7 years. (Arrange highest to lowest priority projects from top to bottom).EV= Economic Vitality; QL = Quality of Life; ES = Environmental Stewardship 
  2. Is there anything else Los Alamos Co. needs to take into consideration when prioritizing projects? (open ended question) 

The survey results are available to review or download, with both the responses to question 1 and the open-ended responses to question 2 available. In addition, the town hall presentation and recordings are available for those who were unable to attend in February. 

Results will be combined with results from the 2022 National Community SurveyTM and the 2022 Integrated Master Plan Survey to prepare the fiscal year 2024 budget and forecast capital improvement projects over the next five to seven years. 

For more information or any questions, contact Julie Williams-Hill at 505-662-8083 or email