Village Arts Calls Artists To Enter ‘Art Dewey Decimaled’ And Visitors To Check Out ‘For The Birds’

Chicken Dinner by Bonnie Dickman. Courtesy photo

Donated books for Art Dewey Decimaled. Courtesy photo

Chubs and Bumpy by Gloria Sharp. Courtest photo


Village Arts is preparing for Art Dewey Decimaled, and is inviting artists and hobbyists of all ages to participate. The Dewey Decimal System finds a category for every book under the sun!  If your artwork were a book, how would it be categorized? Village Arts plans to work with local librarians to categorize the artwork by subject matter before arranging it on their walls, and that means everything fits The Village Arts staff is looking forward to seeing what the show inspires! Space is limited, so artists should reserve room by reaching out to Village Arts before 4 p.m. on Mar.  31. Details on how to submit for the show or to stop by and see the current exhibition are on social media, in person at Village Arts, or available by emailing Ken

Owner, Ken Nebel, has been so excited by the turn out and the variety in each of the exhibitions including the current exhibition “For The Birds”, which runs through the end of the month!  The public is encouraged to come visit, vote on favorites, and take home a piece oftheir own!  Art Dewey Decimaled opens on April 7, and the public is
invited to come back, enjoy the show, and pick up a free art book donated by local artists. 

“We are always looking to spread creative opportunities at Village Arts, and the donations of these books is such
a perfect way to further that mission!” says Ken.

Village Arts is located at 216 DP Road in Los Alamos and is open 9 AM-4 PM Monday-Friday and 10-4 on Saturdays or by appointment.  For more information, check out Village Arts on Facebook and Instagram or!