Women’s Month At SALA: Special Events, Talk Mar. 30


March is Women’s Month, and to celebrate it, SALA is hosting two empowering events that highlight women’s achievements in the workforce and in local governance. We are excited to invite all the Los Alamos community to attend these events on March 30 at 6pm.

The first event, “Empowering Women at Work: Insights from LANL’s Employee Resource Groups,” will be presented by Olga Martin, Jen Payne, and Carolyn Connor from LANL Atomic Women, Institutional Women’s Group, and Women of Computing, respectively. They will share valuable insights into how these employee resource groups support and empower women at work, including the challenges they face and the successes they have achieved.

The second event, “From Women’s Suffrage to Local Governance: A Historical Perspective from the League of Women Voters,” will be presented by Jody Benson and Rebecca Shankland. This event will explore the history of the League of Women Voters, from its origins in the fight for women’s suffrage to its present-day efforts to promote local
governance and civic engagement.

We believe that both events will be informative and inspiring, highlighting the many ways in which women have made and continue to make significant contributions to society. We invite you to join us in celebrating Women’s Month by attending these two special talks. Please find more information and register to attend at sala.losalamos.com
We look forward to seeing you there!