Opposition To Any Extension To LAPS School Year

Los Alamos

School Board Members and Acting Supt. Jennifer Guy,

 I am in opposition to any extension to the school year for the following reasons:

1)  It is academically unnecessary and will only further exhaust students.  Exhausted students do not learn better, they shut down.

2)  The school day is entirely too long and kids are already exhausted.  Adding time will cause stress.

3)  The school year is already too long with a ridiculously short summer break.

4)  Year-round school is not desirable.  The children need a break to be kids.  Further, many parents are divorced with Court orders that require their children to spend their summers split between parents, sometimes entire summers with out-of-state parents.  It is grossly inappropriate to disrupt children’s necessary and Court ordered family time.  Children need time with their families.  It will cause financial harm to families to get the Court orders changed.  Expect families to pull their kids from school if you pass this agenda.