Questions About LAPS Calendar Proposal


LAPS School Board members,

I am a parent of an elementary and a middle school kid.  I have a few questions about the school calendar change.

This seems like a stressful situation for many parents.  Because changing school breaks complicates co-Abparents arrangements, family visits, summer camps arrangements, child care issues, sports, extra curricular activities etc.

Please address how the county is being engaged to provide the necessary child care arrangements and activities during these off norm breaks?  For example. Will the school provide study, tutoring labs during the short breaks in the school year? I think having the schools address these stressful factors for parents will go a long way in helping us prepare and be successful during this process.

How are the extra hours going to be used for instruction? What is the value added of the extra hours?

Please clarify whether this calendar affect both elementary and middle schools?

Why are you not considering having full day Wednesdays for elementary school?