Sixty Students From Five LAPS Elementary Schools Participate In March 6 Spring Elementary Choir Workshop

Elementary students from across the LAPS district performed during the spring choir workshop held at Chamisa Elementary March 6. Photo Courtesy LAPS

LAPS Elementary music teachers are, from left, Valerie Collins, Barranca Mesa Elementary School; Nic Montoya Valdez, Piñon Elementary School; Megan Tholen, Chamisa Elementary School; Jacob Lucero, Aspen Elementary School; and Galina Austin, Mountain Elementary School. Photo Courtesy LAPS


Los Alamos Public Schools elementary students met at Chamisa Elementary School for the Spring District Elementary Choir Workshop hosted by the LAPS elementary music teachers. Students from all LAPS elementary choir clubs were invited to advance their singing skills and sing in a large choir, led and accompanied by members of the music team.

The first District Workshop was held last fall at Mountain Elementary School. Students continued practicing the songs introduced at the first workshop and worked on a few new pieces of choral music. 

Music teachers from each of the elementary schools participated. They are Jacob Lucero, Aspen Elementary; Valerie Collins, Barranca Mesa Elementary; Megan Tholen, Chamisa Elementary; Galina Austin, Mountain Elementary; and Nic Montoya Valdez, Piñon Elementary.

“We all wanted to continue a great tradition of elementary choir workshops in the district,” said Ms. Austin. The music teachers are planning to continue hosting workshops twice a year.

Around 60 students in grades 3 through 6 participated in the workshop, and spent the time working on four pieces of music, including You’ve Got a Friend in Me, Who Has Seen the Wind, Chumbara, and Kusimama.

Students will perform during the district Music and Arts Festival in May.