Obituary: Mickey Kelly Feb. 21, 2023

On Tuesday, February 21, 2023, Mickey Kelly, loving husband and father, passed away at the age of 68, Mickey worked in the Grocery Retail businesses for over 40 years before retiring.  While Mickey would face a difficult childhood losing his father at a young age and his mother having to support and care for five children, Mickey would ensure that he was always there for his children and family. 

Mickey was preceded in death by his father Thomas and his mother Viola, He is survived by his wife Christie, his daughter Tiffany and his son Jesse. 

To his friends and family he will be remembered for his passion for Rock n Roll music as it was one of his favorite subjects to talk about.  He also enjoyed playing video games and drawing cartoons during his free time.  He often made short cartoons sometimes on napkins to entertain his children, when they were younger and passed his love of drawing to his daughter. When he was younger he would make and exchange eight track tapes to share with friends and discover new bands. In time this changed to mix tapes, then CDs and finally playlists.

His wife loved pets and while personally viewing pets as a lot of work he was always there for her and the many pets that she and the children had over the years.  While he did not like all of the pets he did enjoy the dogs, the rabbits (softer than you think) and the lizard (his cricket hunting was amazing).  He was not sure about the turtles, (needed a lot of tank cleaning) the cats (they don’t do what you ask) and the frogs (they just sit there staring at you). Nonetheless his heart was filled with love to have so many pets over his lifetime and made many a dry joke about the antics that the pets would get up to.

The service will be Wednesday March 1, 2023 at 1:00 pm at Guaje PinesCemetery in Los Alamos.

The family of Mickey Kelly has entrusted the care of their loved one to DeVargas Funeral Home & Crematory of Espanola, NM. 505-747-7477.