Triad National Security, LLC To Receive $47 Million In Award And Fixed Fees For FY 2022 With Rating Of 87 Percent Overall


DOE/NNSA announced Thursday that Los Alamos National Laboratory M&O contractor Triad National Security will receive $47 million in award and fixed fees for Fiscal Year 2022, which ended September 30, 2022. The amount gives Triad a score of 87 percent, down slightly from FY2021’s 87.3 percent. The amount available was $50.5 million.

“We’re very pleased with the Laboratory’s performance evaluation score from the NNSA, which acknowledges the consistent progress we have made in recent years in service of national security,” LANL Director and Triad President/CEO Thom Mason said Thursday. “This score is directly attributable to our exceptional workforce and I have no doubt our continued hard work, coupled with another strong budget, will enable us to meet the significant goals that lie ahead in the coming year.”

The DOE/NNSA Strategic Performance Evaluation and Measurement Plan for the contract may be found at

Triad’s accomplishments and issues under the contract are included in the docments below.