County: Reporting Citizen Concerns Just Got Easier With ‘Los Alamos Now’ App


The Los Alamos Customer Care Center launched a new app called Los Alamos Now for citizens so they can more easily reach county staff and find county information quickly. Through this app, users can report potholes, ask utility billing questions, get information on parks, pay utility bills and so on.

The Los Alamos Now app is free through the Apple App Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android). Users do not need to create accounts to use it. To download it, scan the QR code below with your smartphone’s camera app.

APPLE/IOS USERS                                          ANDROID USERS

The app is handy not only for citizens, but also for Los Alamos County staff. When requests are submitted through the app, they are automatically routed to the appropriate departments ensuring they don’t lose traction along the way as might occur in a more manual shuffle. App users can track their requests through to resolution and update with new details if necessary, giving users peace of mind that their concerns have been addressed.

For users who prefer to use computers rather than smart phones, a web portal version of Los Alamos Now is in the works. Anyone who wishes to check it out and submit requests may do so at with the understanding that it is still a work in progress and it may need some refining. And, of course, citizens are always welcome to contact the Customer Care Center directly at 505.662.8333 or

“Managed by the Department of Public Utilities, the Customer Care Center acts as a central conduit for communications between citizens and staff throughout the entire County government,” said Deputy Utility Manager Heather Garcia. “We are excited to roll out this new app and web portal. We hope our citizens embrace this service offering and give us the feedback needed to ensure it works well now and into the future.”

Los Alamos Now is the locally branded version of MyCivic 311, a Tyler Technologies app utilized in numerous cities and counties throughout the country.