LAHS NJROTC Cadets Participate In Cibola Military Skills Competition

LAHS NJROTC Female Color Guard beginning their required drill sequence during the Cibola Military Skills Competition February 25 in Albuquerque. Courtesy photo

LAHS NJROTC Unarmed Regulation Drill Team marching for the judges. Courtesy photo

LAHS NJROTC Female Physical Fitness Team pulling sleds. Courtesy photo

Public Affaires Officer

The Los Alamos Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) traveled on Saturday, February 25 to Cibola High School in Albuquerque to compete in a military skills meet. They competed in color guard, unarmed regulation drill, and physical fitness, along with sporter and precision marksmanship. 

Team awards included 1st place female physical fitness team, 1st place female color guard, and 2nd place male physical fitness team. 

C/CPO Sofia West, Female Color Guard Commander, said, “I really enjoyed this drill meet, especially the physical fitness portion. The whole team was incredibly supportive and did really well. It was a blast to compete in such an exciting event.” 

Individual awards went to Arthur Yoratski, 1st place drill down, Andrew Johnson, 1st place male standing power throw, Natalie Crawford, 2nd place drill down, Alana Hinajosa, 2nd place female sprint, drag, carry, Ian Swift, 2nd place male sprint, drag, carry, Hayden Sutton, 3rd place male sprint, drag, carry, Megan Crawford, 3rd place female sprint, drag, carry and 3rd place standing power throw. 

C/LT Megan Crawford, Topper Company Operations Officer, stated, “I am so proud of the commitment and motivation of all the cadets that competed at Cibola. Each team has been working very hard, helping us prepare for the upcoming drill meets, especially the state championship in April. The next drill meet we have is Santa Fe, and I know we will continue to work hard and motivate each other along the way.”

LAHS NJROTC Mixed Color Guard concluding their competition. Courtesy photo

LAHS NJROTC Male Physical Fitness Team competing in the Sprint, Drag, Carry event. Courtesy photo

LAHS NJROTC Marksmanship Team firing down-range during the February 25 Cibola Military Skills Competition in Albuquerque. Courtesy photo