Laura Crucet To Open ‘Beef And Leaf’ Restaurant In Former Bob’s Bodacious BBQ Location On Arkansas

Renovations are underway at the future ‘Beef and Leaf’ Restaurant in the Bob’s Bodacious BBQ former location. Laura Crucet of Pig + Fig Cafe in White Rock has leased the premises. Courtesy photo


Laura Crucet of Pig and Fig Cafe in White Rock has some exciting updates and announcements.  

Crucet has recently signed a lease to acquire the former Bob’s Bodacious BBQ location on Arkansas in  the El Segundo Shopping Center and open a new concept called “Beef and Leaf” – a full service  restaurant offering table service for lunch and dinner. The focus will be on upscale comfort food,  gourmet snacks and of course, unique wines, local beers and craft cocktails. 

“I’m so excited to create a space where I can serve hand-crafted seasonal food in a beautiful ambiance. I  will put the same love and detail into this space that I did Pig + Fig but this will be a completely  different menu.” Crucet has paired with BT Construction for the interior remodeling and Oasis  Landscaping to create an idyllic outdoor dining space. “Working with this talented team of design  professionals is a dream come true. I know that together we can create something very special unlike  anything else in Los Alamos.” 

So when will this new space open? “I don’t want to set an opening date and jinx us but I’m very  optimistic by how smoothly everything is going. I’m also extremely grateful and humbled by all the  support and guidance we have received from Los Alamos County officials and from the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce.” 

So what about the old Starbucks location? “We have been waiting for many months for mold remediation and other significant renovations to take place, and we hope to be able to open a coffee pastry-gelato shop in that space someday, but the work to get it there will be quite extensive and  expensive.”

Meanwhile, Crucet is focusing her energy and attention on getting Beef and Leaf open as quickly as  possible so she can start serving delicious comfort food in the heart of Los Alamos.