Against HB 7

Los Alamos

HB 7 (Reproductive and Gender-Affirming Health Care) passed the State House of Representatives Tuesday night 38-31.  This bill will move on to the Senate.  If passed and signed into law, this bill would undermine civilly protected parental rights and religious beliefs by allowing schools to act in the role of parent, directing children for abortion and/or gender-affirming care, without the knowledge or consent of parents.  This is NOT the role of our schools.  The schools are not surrogate parents.

Sadly, our State Representative, Christine Chandler, abandoned sanity, science and morals, in favor of open hostility toward parents and religious beliefs in voting for this piece of legislation.  Representative Chandler does not represent the voice of reason, the role of parents, and the great number of people who signed letters, petitions (my personal choice) and/or showed up at the Round House in opposition to HB 7.